Xanda is Partially Adopted:

Sanela Hodzic x1

His birthday is 11 September 2016

Xanda, according to us, is a prince, a noble knight, but with a tussle haired rougishness about him that takes away from the serious and adds youthful glint. There is something about him of the street urchin who has seen too much but is still regal and poised. 

If you meet Xanda, you will feel a sense of delight, you will know you want to be friends with this chap, you want more of him in your life.

Xanda started life in a miserable zoo, and then, having been rescued, he continued to live in a zoo. He, one can imagine, was not entirely sure about trusting anyone after this. He wears a somewhat bemused expression and his roars are disguised as donkey brays, but he is ready to make friends, he is ready to open himself up to enjoying life, with just a hint of trepidation.

Xanda lives with his sister, Joy. He is loving and chivilrous towards her, they are a happy pair. They bask in the sun and hold their heads into the wind, they roll in wet grass and leap through the rain.

When we talk of Xanda, we don't even want to tell you of the horrors of his previous life, it doesn't fit him, we feel that everythign about Xanda says..."move on, don't hold me down with negative thoughts, let me be everthing I was meant to be and am".